Dr. J. P. JAIN

M.S.(Ortho) A.O.A.A.SWISS, WHO Fellow Joint Replacement Surgery, Harvard USA

About total hip replacement

Arthritis is a common cause of pain in the hip.

Hip joint consists of ball shaped upper end of thigh bone (femoral head) which fits in to Hip socket (Acetebular Socket). The inside of ball & socket joint is lined with smooth cartilage to help the joint move easily & pain free.

In arthritis, smooth cartilage wears away, the remaining rough surfaces of ball & socket grinds against each other causing pain and over time permanent damage of the joint.

Non surgical treatments include anti-inflammatory drugs & physiotherapy.

In severe damage of hip joint, total hip joint replacement is advised which provide relief to pain, increases mobility & improves daily activities of living & better quality of life.

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